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$0.50 (NZD)

Minimum to be raised

$100,000.00 (NZD)

(1.3% of total share capital)

Maximum to be raised

$375,000.00 (NZD)

(5.0% of total share capital)

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Offer Opening

30 March, 2017 07:00 (NZDT)

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04 May, 2017 23:00 (NZDT)

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Executive Summary



Young and Nestless is a system for getting young couples into a new home of their own, as a first step on the ‘housing ladder.’

There can be nobody in New Zealand who is unaware that housing prices continue to grow rapidly, making it more and more difficult for young people to buy a first home of their own.

For their parents and grandparents, house prices were affordable on their wages. No longer. In fact, many ‘millennials’ have resigned themselves to becoming “Generation Rent” even though rents also continue to rise quickly, due to supply shortages.

We can help. Young and Nestless is an online community which trains and supports young couples to achieve their Deposit Savings Target.

By creating an online community we can also apply economies of scale to grow their savings and to lower their costs.  At the same time, we create a revenue stream for the company from supplier fees and commissions.

For example, a key feature is that we protect the members’ contributions with an insurance programme to cover their earning ability during the savings period, and then convert this to a mortgage protection programme when they have acquired their new home. We earn commission on the insurance premiums.

Similarly, not only can we achieve favourable mortgage terms for members through our combined buying power, but we can also generate commissions from mortgage lenders.

Key to the success of the Young and Nestless system is an automated online selection and qualification process, together with our online community to support members in reaching their Deposit Savings Target.

These online systems have passed the proof of concept stage and the Company is now seeking funds to complete full development and to invest in targeted marketing that will permit the business to scale rapidly, producing substantial cash flows.

Investing in Young and Nestless is your opportunity to help young couples (perhaps even your own family members) to acquire their most valuable asset, a new house.

It also gives you potential access to a stable income stream, producing a steady return. This is expected to grow substantially, since there are no ongoing capital demands.