About Us


AlphaCrowd is an equity crowdfunding platform developed to enable digital and technology companies to raise equity capital from the public via the internet.

We offer curated investment opportunities to investors interested in the digital and technology space.

AlphaCrowd Advantage #1 - Digital and Technology Focus

We focus exclusively on digital and technology businesses. Specifically our platform seeks high-quality bio-technology, communications, data, devices, digital, e-commerce, hardware, internet, medicine, mobile, nutrients and pharmaceuticals, science, software, telecommunications and other digital or technologically enabled businesses that have real potential and are backed by management capability with appropriate governance in place.

AlphaCrowd Advantage #2 - We Invest With You

We don't just assess the Issuers we work with, we invest our own funds into each and every Offer that makes it onto the AlphaCrowd platform. Why do we do this? First, we do it so that we can build up a nice diversified portfolio of digital and technology investments that will make us very happy in years to come. Second, we invest to demonstrate our conviction that we have selected Issuers wisely. We invest on exactly the same terms and in the same manner as all other Investors using the AlphaCrowd platform.

AlphaCrowd Advantage #3 - Preliminary Issuer Investigations

Independent research has shown that the results achieved by angel investors improve in proportion to the amount of time that they spend on due diligence. Our Preliminary Issuer Investigations consist of Compulsory Checks and a Subjective Assessment. Investors can perform their own additional due diligence and research and can ask Issuers questions in relation to their Offers.

AlphaCrowd Advantage #4 - Investor Monies Held by Independent Trustee

When you make an investment in an Offer, your money will be transferred to an independent trustee. At closing, the funds are disbursed to the Issuer less our fees. If an Offer does not reach its minimum target amount or is cancelled for any other reason, the independent trustee will return the investment monies to the Investors.

AlphaCrowd Advantage #5 - Panel of Industry Advisors

We have formed a panel of industry advisors who are available to help us in our Subjective Assessment of a potential Issuer should we so require. We do this so that people in the industry can help us make sure that the Offer being presented is not frivolous. For reasons of liability Investors are not entitled to rely on our assessment in making an investment decision, however we do see it as being an important quality control mechanism for our platform.

AlphaCrowd Advantage #6 - Issuers Can Appoint a Champion

We have identified a number of excellent advisors or mentors that we call Champions. Their role is to work with potential Issuer companies to objectively assess their capital raising goals, to get them investment ready, to help them meet our platform lising criteria and to help them market the Offer to Investors. It is not compulsory for an Issuer to use the assistance of a Champion and all services are provided by Champions for a fee paid by the Issuer. If you are interested in becoming an AlphaCrowd Champion please contact us.

AlphaCrowd Advantage #7 - Global Reach and International Investors

We have structured the offer documents and investment process in such a way as to allow international investors the opportunity to invest as long as it is legal for them to do so in their jurisdiction. This opens each Offer to a much larger pool of investors and gives Issuers valuable international exposure. Each Offer is also summarised in Chinese to make it accessible to the large and important pool of Chinese technology investors.

AlphaCrowd Advantage #8 - Top Tier Professionals

We have chosen to use only top-tier professionals and service providers such as our accountants, auditors, independent trustee, lawyers and share registrars to ensure that both investors and issuers have peace of mind and confidence in the investment process.